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As the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewelry, Kaisilver has always worked in the interest of the buyer. This jewelry newsletter is just one way of showing our dedication to the jewelry buying community. Each jewelry newsletter covers information that directly affects buyers gem stone prices, gem stone treatments, critical design features etc. We send out a jewelry newsletter the moment we have content that will be useful in guiding buyers, the idea is not to push a sale. You might therefore find substantial gaps between the periods during which you receive your Kaisilver jewelry newsletter. Most jewelers have concentrated on using jewelry newsletters to sell, this is not how we want our newsletter to be. Over the years our jewelry newsletter has explained and revealed gemstone and jewelry information that, no other jeweler would care or dare to reveal. The farce regarding anti tarnish plating on silver, the specific care and attention that emeralds need, the gimmick of coated pink topaz , the color fading property of kunzite are some such issues. We sincerely believe that educating buyers is the best way to enable them make the right buying decision. In today's competetive market, high sales pitch and flashy advertising seems to be the only way to survive. But we beg to differ, we firmly believe that enabling the buyer get a good deal is the essence of our survival. The Kaisilver jewelry newsletter is not about selling, do not expect to see pages full of cataloged items.

We Are On Your Side

Why Subscribe To Our Jewelry Newsletter? For most of us, jewelry and gemstones are luxury items that are expensive. The buyer expects to be honestly served by the jeweler, the jeweler on the other hand has his own profit margins and prosperity to take care of. Take a look at jewelry and gemstone selling technics on TV, on the radio, in the printed media or online. Jewelers withold as much information as possible from the buyer. The idea is to push a sale without the buyer being fully informed. Supported by highly qualified and highly paid legal teams, jewelry sellers sweet talk buyers into paying for pure junk. Light weight jewels, close out quality gems, cheap mass finished products are touted as 'deals', 'discounted items', 'below cost sales' etc etc. Kaisilver prefers to stay out of the media aided publicity circuit, we believe in educating buyers. Guiding the buyer to make the right decision is in everyones interest. The Kaisilver jewelry newsletter seeks to educate, it does not try to become a selling channel. Over 19,000 buyers in 17 nations now, proudly wear a Kaisilver custom jewel. A team of around 3,500 skilled craftsmen work on these jewels and guided by some of the finest jewelry designers. Our jewelry newsletter is meant to represent you the buyer, take care of your interest and inform you. This approach has earned us a solid base of satisfied buyers, giving us a 35% rate of repeat buyers. You can read some Kaisilver buyer testimonials here: Click here to read some buyer feedbacks.

Subscribe/Unscubscribe To Our Jewelry Newsletter: Firstly, we send our jewelry newsletter only to subscribed visitors or buyers. To ensure strict adherence to this policy, our mailing list is maintained by a third party, Bravenet. When you enter your name and email address on the form given below, the details are sent to Bravenet, not to Kaisilver. Bravenet follows the double confirmation process. You get an email from Bravenet requesting your confirmation to join our jewelry newsletter mailing list. It is only after this process is complete that, Bravenet informs us about your actions. If you wish to unsubscribe from the jewelry newsletter mailing list, follow the same process but choose, 'Unsubscribe' instead of 'Subscribe' on the last selection field. We have zero tolerance for SPAM and wish that more online sellers would feel the same way.

Vol 16: 12 Jan 2013: Jade Jewelry, The Yin Yang Tradition, Affordable Sapphire Diamond Ring ... more.
Vol 16: 10 May 2009:    Aquamarine the March birth stone. Also, the gorgeous cage ring. ...more
Vol 15: 05 Apr 2008:    Silver rings and silver jewelry. About fire opal gemstones. ...more
Vol 14: 06 Mar 2006:    Bloodstone information. Finger ring meaning. Paypal pishing and scams. ...more
Vol 13: 07 Nov 2005:    Promise rings information. Mens fashion jewelry. Kyanite gemstone information. ...more
Vol 12: 27 July 2005:    Iolite gemstone information. High end custom body piercing jewelry, belly rings. ...more
Vol 11: 10 May 2005:    Inlay ring information. Affordable diamond rings. Carnelian gemstone information. ...more
Vol 10: 12 Mar 2005:    Silver tarnish information. Diamond band ring. Online payment methods. ...more
Vol 09: 24 Nov 2004:    Kunzite color fade. 99% Pink topaz is coated. About custom jewelry. ...more
Vol 08: 09 Aug 2004:    Tanzanite gem stone information. Multiple gem stone rings. Diffused star sapphire. ...more
Vol 07: 27 May 2004:    Chrysoprase is not green jade. Male claddagh rings. Black onyx ring for men. ...more
Vol 06: 07 Apr 2004:    Colors of gold. Jadeite and nephrite are jade. Thai benjarong collection. ...more
Vol 05: 30 Jan 2004:    Choosing yellow gold or white gold. Emerald information, caring for emeralds. ...more
Vol 04: 01 Dec 2003:    14k and 18k gold information. Online safety suggestions. Family birth stone ring. ...more
Vol 03: 12 Nov 2003:    Understanding jewelry value. Silver claddagh rings. Ruby diamond ring. ...more
Vol 02: 19 Oct 2003:    Unique gold ring designs. Comparing white gold and platinum jewelry. ...more
Vol 01: 21 Sep 2003:    Custom pendants. Birth stone charts. 50 carat blue topaz gem stone. ...more

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